About Fuzzy Bunny Photography

I knew when I created this business that I wanted my prices to be lower than average, not because I don’t give good quality photos, but because I know first hand that life is expensive, and that memories can be forgotten. But a photo is forever! I want to make sure you have family photos, baby photos, and wedding photos, that will never be forgotten. That you will remember your childs face when they were only a newborn as well as the day they graduate.

Because of this I try to price myself lower than the current market, as well as have promotions and deals regularly. It is my duty not to burden you with the cost of photos, but help enrich your life with photos, and the memories that come along with them.

Here at Fuzzy Bunny Photography, I strive to take beautiful photos for everyone, and of anything!


About Me

My name is Samantha Morgan. I am a 20 year old photographer and I live and work in the Salem/Keizer Oregon area. I love Oregon, the beauty of this state and what people who live in it have to offer.

I like to take photos of anyone and anything but taking photos of people is my favorite.

Here at Fuzzy Bunny Photography I strive to bring you photos you will alway cherish. 


What I do for the Community

Currently I donate my time to CRAN, Cat Rescue Adoption Network.

I take photos of cat for foster families that take stray, feral, abandoned and neglected cats and kittens.

I take, edit and send them professional, quality photos to help show potential adopters them and their personalities.

If you are looking to give an animal in need a loving and forever home I highly recommend using them, they are how I found my wonderful kitty and am giving her a wonderful, loving forever home.


My Goals

I want to donate more of my time to local animal shelters. I know a good photo can make an animal in needs life.

I want to help shellers in need of a profeshional photographer, to take amazing photos of animals in need of a forever home.

If you know an agency or foster family that needs help feel free to give them my number or give me theirs so I can do my best to help out our wonderful comunity!