My Mission

When looking at my prices people often wonder why they are so much lower then my competition. Is my quality bad? No! I strive to charge the lowest price I can, because I know memories are priceless but that doesn’t mean they have to be priced that way. Everyone deserves quality photos at a price most can afford. I also do many sales and promotions on different kinds of photography so even if my prices are still too high at the moment always check back for my exclusive deals .

I am also one of the only photographers in the area that has their prices listed on my website! It shouldn’t be a guessing game on whether you can afford a certain photographer, nor should you have to waste your time only, to be told you can’t afford them.

Transparency is important so I strive to be as transparent as possible. Giving options to increase price if you want extra things but setting the lowest base price I can so at the very least you can get 20 digital photos, on a USB that you get to have forever.

Photography shouldn’t break the bank!

Fuzzy Bunny Photography strives to give you photos you will be proud to show for generations.

All photos below were taken and edited by me and are not intended to be distributed in any way




Available By Request


Off Site

I am more than happy to shoot at a location of your choosing but if you don't know where you would like to go leave it to me.