To Book My Services

To book me you can Call At (971)240-8896, Email me At as well as book me below!!!

Business Hours

Monday-Friday 10am-6pm

Saturday 11am-4pm

Sunday 11am-4pm


If you want to schedule a shoot for a time not during my business hours please call to have a consultation with me. Although I can not promise availability outside of my work hours I will make every effort to do a shoot as close to or during the desired hours.


Although my studio is in Keizer I service areas from Eugene to Portland! 

(Anything more than 30 Miles from Keizer will have a $30 transportation fee as well is subject to availability, change or termination of the session) 

You can always call or text for a consultation, with questions, concerns or to set up an appointment.

My Services and Pricing

All photos taken are high quality, high resolution photos, all sessions include digital photos that may be touched up or edited. All photography sessions include at least an hour of my services, 1 location, and 1 outfit change, unless stated otherwise. Most sessions include 20 digital photos except newborn, baby and toddler photos, which only include 10, as well as any of the packages as they are all custom and varied amounts. 10 additional digital photos can be purchased for $15. Photos will be available in color and B&W.

Any discount photography sessions may not include all or any of what is stated up above or may include more.

I love to go to different locations and make your experience fun and unique, with Oregon having a wide variety of scenery from the ocean to the Mountains. Anything outside a 30 mile radius of Keizer will have $30 fee but may be subject to availability. 

Most services in keepsakes have a special package in packages that include more digital photos and even printed copies along with discounts on other bookings.

Prices subject to change. 

Your Photos

After the photo shoot is done it will take me no longer than 2 weeks to sort and edit your photos, that being said it usually only takes me a week on average. I throughly go through and put my all into editing your photos and making sure you fall in love with them. Once that is done I will contact you to schedule an appointment to come to my studio and choose the photos you want.

Not only does this allow YOU to get the photos you like best but also allows you to ask to see specific ones that may be in color in back and white, ones in black and white in color or for a photo to be cropped or edited differently. 

20 digital photos are free with the purchase of most photography sessions unless stated otherwise. That being said if you want more you are more than welcome to purchase more. Once you have chosen the photos you want I will transfer them onto a flash drive right then and there and give it to you to keep forever.

If you ever loose, misplace or break the flash drive resulting in the loss of all of your photos you may purchase a new one with the photos you chose on it for $10. There is no time limit on this, wether it happens days after getting it, years or decades you will never have to worry about losing the photos I give you!

Once you book me I will contact you within 48 hours to confirm your appointment. All booking are subject to change.